Private Brokerage Services

Fund Management Advice
The senior team will provide their top stock picks for the period, recommended allocation and even advise its clients the best opportunity to enter and exit the market, depending on the investor’s strategy. This service is normally available for our top accounts.

Market Briefing Presentations
This is generally given by our Institutional Sales Team or by the Chairman himself upon request. Presentations can vary from a crash course about the stock market to the latest tools on Technical Analysis. Our private brokerage clients can also learn more about the process of how RCDC conducts business, and the latest developments happening in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Customised Research
We are able to analyze specific issues and give commentary on prevailing economic and business issues upon request of our valued clients. At the same time, you can schedule an informal coffee chat session or proper meeting for us to discuss these findings in better detail.

Company Visits
RCDC can coordinate directly with other publicly listed companies for on-site visits for our valued customers. The firsthand experience gives them the opportunity to see what goes on operationally and if fortunate enough, meet the directors of these same companies.

Account Information
Your latest balance is available on demand. You can call your branch and have them send this immediately. You may also coordinate with our staff how you would like this delivered.

Retail Services

Introduction to the Stock Market Presentations
This is recommended for people with minimal knowledge of investing. Our head office and local representatives tie up with the Philippine Stock Exchange to deliver informational talks on the stock market for beginners. We are also open to conducting these seminars ourselves. Feel free to contact any of our offices for more information. RCDC would require sufficient lead time and minimum attendance needs to be reached.

Market Research
Customers can be subscribed to our weekly newsletter. Receive the latest company disclosures, fundamental & technical analysis, stock picks, and commentary from our seasoned research team.

Account Information
Your latest balances are available on demand. You can call your nearest branch and have them sent to you immediately.